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—-Hurricane (November) Miami favorite son playwright Nilo Cruz expanded his own short play into a full-length work and then directed it himself for a criminally brief run at Arca Images in Miami.

We wrote at the time: “The meteorological tempest dies down, but the emotional tumult rages on at a Cat 5 level…. Rarely do South Floridians see such a highly polished and boundlessly inventive alloy of words, sounds, movement and stage pictures as Cruz does here…. Savor Cruz’s ability to create poetic metaphor out of the most everyday vocabulary, his ingenious use of set pieces like a hotel luggage cart, his endlessly varied use of body language bordering on modern dance, his ability to help his actors (Serafin Falcon, Andy Barbosa and especially Lela Elam) wrench glowing emotion from their souls. This (was) precisely what so many non-traditional companies aim for and only occasionally come close to achieving.”

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